What is a 'Weapon of Mass Distruction?' : Fluoride Free Anniston
Don't be misled about the 'fluoride' in your drinking water!
Recording stating this industrial waste product IS purposely put in the water 
that you and your children drink and bathe in!

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What is a 'Weapon of Mass Distruction?'

by Ellen Corke on 09/03/13

Chemical weapons experts said that although the two substances (sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride) have a variety of uses such as the fluoridation of drinking water, they are also key to producing the chemical effect which makes a nerve agent such as Sarin so toxic.

Questions: Chemical weapons used in Syria - BAD = WW3?  Same chemicals used in the US through the public water supplies - NOT BAD?

Keep in mind -

Fluoride is the negative ion of the element fluorine. Fluoride often is written as F-. Any compound, whether it is organic or inorganic, that contains the fluoride ion is also known as a fluoride. Examples include CaF2 (calcium fluoride) and NaF (sodium fluoride). Ions containing the fluoride ion are similarly called fluorides

VIDEO: http://t.co/3C93AJBD0l

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If you have talked to your water 
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It's even 'approved' by UL, ect.  
Think again! Ask to see the toxicology studies!!  
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