The latest attempt by the City of Anniston to improve it's reputation : Fluoride Free Anniston
Don't be misled about the 'fluoride' in your drinking water!
Recording stating this industrial waste product IS purposely put in the water 
that you and your children drink and bathe in!

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The latest attempt by the City of Anniston to improve it's reputation

by Ellen Corke on 09/30/15

A "model city" would not intentionally allow it's water to be contaminated!

It's ashamed the city leaders are powerless to stop the private water board (Anniston Water Works & sewer Board) from medicating the public tap water with Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, a 'fluoridation' chemical derived from fertilizer/aluminum manufacturing.

Many organizations still promote and endorse the outdated practice of artificial water fluoridation but have NEVER completed human toxicology tests on the actual industrial by-product used. Harvard and other prestigious researchers have linked fluoride intake to lowered IQ, thyroid dysfunction, fluorosis & many other ailments.

Fluoride Free Anniston has alerted the city and the water board to current health studies on fluoridation in an effort to improve Anniston but the warnings have not been heeded. 

All efforts of this activist group and those of other citizens who have spoken out about this intentional contamination of the water supply have been ignored and/or silenced.

Public health should be a priority in Anniston, especially when considering the past goings on with Monsanto.

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If you have talked to your water 
company & they told you 
"it's safe and effective."  
It's even 'approved' by UL, ect.  
Think again! Ask to see the toxicology studies!!  
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