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Don't be misled about the 'fluoride' in your drinking water!
Recording stating this industrial waste product IS purposely put in the water 
that you and your children drink and bathe in!

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Putting a drug in the water is WRONG!

by Ellen Corke on 05/09/15

Erin Brockovich and signers put the Health agencies on notice: April, 2015

Erin Brockovich has just put the government on big notice of their shortcomings in interpreting science and protecting the health of American citizens.  Please take time to read this document about fluoridation.  This is one of the very the best documents/ letters we have seen.  The references are great; the critical thinking is excellent, and the range and depth she covers are compelling.  And, it has some 'teeth'.  Just read the first 2 pages if you are short on time.

Read letter  http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/brockovich-iom.april-27.2015.pdf

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1. KSpencer said on 6/1/15 - 01:35PM
I noticed the link to the letter is wrong. Here is a better link to the IOM letter from Erin Brockovich and others: http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/brockovich-iom.april-27.2015.pdf
2. E Corke said on 6/1/15 - 05:28PM
Thank you very much KSpencer. We've corrected.

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