Heads of City Council are still buried in the sand! : Fluoride Free Anniston
Don't be misled about the 'fluoride' in your drinking water!
Recording stating this industrial waste product IS purposely put in the water 
that you and your children drink and bathe in!

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Heads of City Council are still buried in the sand!

by Ellen Corke on 10/21/14

Apparently there are other issues that take precedence over water safety and our children's health. At least there was a small ray of hope for a few weeks.

Brian Johnson (city manager) claimed to show interest in putting information on the City of Anniston website regarding water fluoridation, but all communication has ceased.  We have even been blocked from posting on the city Facebook page!

This is the latest of many emails sent to city officials that will likely be ignored like the previous! 

It's Not Too Late
This Is Getting More Serious by the day as more information is learned and obtained. A Congressional Hearing is being requested based on the evidence revealed from the interoffice communications obtained from extensive Freedom of Information Act requests and time spent researching at the National Archives. It's not too late to do the right thing for the citizens of Anniston.  You make the choices for the people, not the Water Company. 


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If you have talked to your water 
company & they told you 
"it's safe and effective."  
It's even 'approved' by UL, ect.  
Think again! Ask to see the toxicology studies!!  
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