Anniston Water Works Attempts Damage Control After Flint MI Water Fears : Fluoride Free Anniston
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Anniston Water Works Attempts Damage Control After Flint MI Water Fears

by Ellen Corke on 02/18/16

Jacksonville News article 2/18/16

"Local officials feel fortunate for drinking water sources"…/article_e52b1d94-cf90-11e5-ab…

1. The source is not the problem here in Calhoun County. The problem is what they do to this "God given" water!
Fluoride IS NOT added to fight bacteria. It is added to fight tooth decay, which makes it a medication. The strangest fact is when added to the water it has nearly 0% effectiveness since any effects of fluoride in reducing tooth decay have only been known to occur when it is applied topically, such as with toothpaste or medically applied fluoride treatments. It... has also been linked to many health issues including ADHD, thyroid problems, dental fluorosis, bone cancer, and has been classified as a neurotoxin by major medical journals and the National Research Council.

2. ….“filters remove any clumps of dirt or moss” True, but they do not remove Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, which is the fluoridation chemical added to the water. The water treatment personnel have stated that this is the chemical added to AWWSB water. “Water Company engineer states Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (Fluoride) - "discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories" is being injected into the public water supply.” YouTube

3. ……….”the process ensures the water’s non-corrosiveness by the time it is distributed out into household pipes” True, but the older pipes which contain lead, when exposed to the fluoridated water, can leach lead into the water that is delivered to these homes.

4. …….ONLY? ”Every three years the Environmental Protection Agency requires public water systems to submit drinking water samples for lab tests checking for lead and copper exposure.” Really?

5. Request a retraction/correction to this article. Contact The Jacksonville News
Phone number: (256) 435-5021
Address: 4305 McClellan Blvd
Anniston, AL 36206

6. Contact Chris Patterson and Ed Turner at AWWSB. They are in charge of your water and are obviously unaware of all the facts surrounding it, especially the industrial waste added in the guise of dental health.…/Hydrofluosilicic_Acid_MSDS_03Jan1… Water Works Board
931 Noble Street
P.O. Box 2268
Anniston, AL 36202
Customer Service: (256) 241-2000
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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