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Timeline of events:

11-14-11 AWWSB states that water fluoridation is safe and effective and the chemical added is not a hazardous waste.

11-22-11 Water fluoridation brought to the attention of city council members at Anniston City Council meeting. Founding member of Fluoride Free Anniston scheduled to speak, bumped to informal meeting without suitable reason. 
Results: Public water for the City of Anniston is not under the jurisdiction of the city, although it cost Anniston $100,000 a month to add fluoride. Members conclude that, despite scientific evidence & CDC warnings, fluoride poses no threat to citizens of Anniston. One member (who has resigned) even expressed the delusional belief that fluoride “cleaned” the water. Over 100’s of written signatures from local residents opposing fluoride were completely ignored.
Fluoride Free Anniston encouraged to speak at Anniston Water Works & Sewer Board meeting.

2-16-12 Anniston Water Works & Sewer Board is presented with facts on water fluoridation dangers & recent medical studies.  
Petition signatures, calls & emails from citizens, also ignored.  
Water Company official falsely states: “Only 3 people have voiced concerns about fluoride in 50 yrs.” (Audio recording available upon request and on You Tube) 
Results: After taking the matter ‘under advisement’ decide to continue fluoridating the public water supply, claiming it would be ‘irresponsible to change our policy and practice’. 
For a PDF copy of their letter and more information please contact stopfluoride@yahoo.com.

3-10-12 'FluorideFreeAnniston.com' website is launched.

4-13-12 First video uploads on our You Tube Channel “Fluoride Free Anniston”. “Water Board Meeting” from 2-16-12.

5-5-12 Two more uploads to You Tube. “Discussion with the general manager”, and “Anniston AL Still Being Poisoned”.

10-13-12 Letter to Mayor elect Vaughn requesting meeting to discuss ‘a health issue’ in Anniston.

12-3-12 Second letter sent to Mayor Vaughn asking the following questions:
1.The source of the fluoridation product injected into our water, i.e. which phosphate and/or fertilizer factory or factories, and their locations.  
2.Results of all toxicology studies which have been completed on this substance (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid), prior to injection into the drinking water supply, showing it is safe for prolonged human ingestion.
Similar questions addressed to Anniston Water Works have not been answered.

1-3-13 WDNG 1450 NEWS TALK Radio Anniston, first broadcast of Michael Dean Smith’s feature presentation on “Fluoride in Calhoun County”.

1-11-13 Received email from Anniston City Council and one letter from a local dentist who promotes fluoridated water. No toxicology information, etc.

1-18-13 AWWSB general manager announces retirement.

1-22-13 Fourth video upload to You Tube, WDNG’s feature presentation on “Fluoride in Calhoun County”.

2-26-13 City manager answers following questions:
1.Considering the growing controversy in Anniston surrounding artificial water fluoridation of the public drinking water, I would very much appreciate your views on this subject. With all due respect, please spare me the endorsements and recommendations of dental professionals and the like.
2.Does the City of Anniston have any power (legislative or financial) over the ‘Anniston Water Works and Sewer Board’, in regards to discontinuing or not discontinuing this “fluoridation policy”? I am aware that they are a ‘private entity’, but where do the funds for this medication originate from? 
3.If any class action or other litigation from damages of this practice, such as dental fluorosis in children, harm to kidney patients, etc., were ever to arise, would the City, the water board, or both parties be held liable?
"1. The Water and Sewer Board is an autonomous entity with the members being appointed by the City Council. They are required to operate according to various Federal and state laws and regulations. I don’t think the city has any regulatory involvement other than appointment of the board members. If you approach the water board staff, I’m sure they can fill you in on their requirements. The Director’s phone number is (256) 236-3429.
2. All their revenue comes from fees paid by subscribers; the city does not subsidize the operations of the Water Board. The water board, according to the original agreements back in the 70s, pays the city a $100,000 annual franchise fee; but, since the city pays for its water according to meters at the many facilities operated by the city, the result is pretty close to a wash.
3. As far as I know, the city would not be liable for any damages caused by actions or inactions of the Water Board. If sued, I believe the city would be covered by our liability insurance."

3-13-13 Request minutes from water board meeting 2-26-12 in which Fluoride Free Anniston presented facts on water fluoridation.

4-10-13 Request minutes from informal city council meeting 11-22-11, in which Fluoride Free Anniston presented facts on water fluoridation.

5-10-13  As of this date no city official or member of the Anniston Water Works will answer questions relating to the toxicology of the compound put into the public water supply.  What does that mean?  Usually when you "plead the 5th" (choose to remain silent) it's because your statement would incriminate you.  True or False?

5-23-13  New AWWSB GM is as irresponsible and close-minded as the last.  Fails to research any scientific findings associated with Hydrofluorosilicic acid ingestion/exposure.  Claims to be unaware of CDC warnings on infant exposure, yet uses their (CDC's) "endorsements" as his primary deciding factor for continuing the dangerous practice of water fluoridation.  Also, another contradiction, believes in it's ability to prevent cavities but at the same time does not believe it's a "medicine".  It would be funny if it wasn't so terribly tragic.