Fluoride Free Anniston
Citizens for Healthy Water
About Fluoride Free Anniston
Fluoride Free Anniston is a grassroots organization, of concerned citizens from all walks of life united behind the goal of eliminating the dangerous and costly practice of adding ‘hydrofluorosilicic acid’ to the water supply in the name of public health.

We are continuingly trying to inform people of the FACTS regarding this absurdity. Please do not be misled by the propaganda.  

At Fluoride Free Anniston, we really care about our health and the health of our children, neighbors and visitors to this community.


I would like to acknowledge the help given to me in the construction of this website and the research within to my husband John Corke.
Also, my family, and my friends (you know who you are) for their dedication, patience, and support in making this endeavor possible.  Thank you.
Ellen Corke, 

Founder- FluorideFreeAnniston

Anniston, Al is located between Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL off of I-20. It’s been nicknamed ‘The Model City’. For decades this town was poisoned with PCBs. Today another chemical is purposely added to the drinking water & most residents are unaware of its dangers!

A chemical added to Anniston’s tap water is HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID. It is derived from the industrial waste by-products of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum factories. It contains a percentage of 'fluoride' which recent studies have shown to cause health problems. It is NOT pharmaceutical grade, NOT natural, it is NOT approved by the FDA, and we are NOT being properly warned of its dangers. 

Poison, in ANY amount is still POISON!

For over 50 years we have been told that we must ingest fluoride in order to maintain healthy teeth. The truth is swallowing this substance is as effective as swallowing sunscreen to prevent sunburn!

Learn more about recent studies and research on this site.